The Woolshed at Walkabout Australia

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At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The Woolshed at Walkabout Australia has a “ridgey-didge” design (Aussie-speak for “the real deal”) and is an excellent vantage point for viewing tree kangaroos.  The private venue is a building representing a wool shearing shed like those found on Australia’s many sheep ranches, which locals call “stations.”  Wooden pillars and flooring, vaulted exposed beams, panoramic windows throughout the venue, accompanied by farm-style banquet seating, makes the Safari Park's newest venue the trendiest place to be!


Food and Beverage Minimum ranges from $6000 to $9,000, based upon time of year.
The Woolshed at Walkabout Australia accommodates groups of 40-90 guests.

This venue may be paired with either the Woolshed Back Deck or Harusi Lawn for the Ceremony.
Back Deck Ceremony site fee:  $1600
Harusi Lawn site fee:  $2000

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Harusi Lawn and Woolshed